The program at Kinder Grove is designed to support and encourage children to grow to their highest individual potential in all areas of development.  Each child will have the opportunity to: explore old and new ideas, enjoy experiences at their own pace, and integrate and gain an understanding of their environment.  This is accomplished by ensuring that each child has numerous opportunities for social interaction, emotional outlets, experiencing familiar and challenging tasks as well as physical activities.  In doing so, we can help each child learn how to cope with his or her environment in a positive manner, leading to high self-esteem and a high level of independence.

It is our intent to promote acceptance and inclusion of all families in our centre.  Everyone will be treated with equal respect and dignity.  The centre is open to all children regardless of ethnic and religious beliefs or physical, developmental and emotional needs.  We will strive to meet the needs of all participating individuals.  Our centre supports children of all abilities.  Individualized program plans are provided for every child.  We ensure easy access to all learning centres, all rooms, toys and washrooms for any child, including those with additional support needs. This will enable them to fully participate in the program. Professional development devoted to inclusion will be required each year by the staff.

We believe it is important to have open communication between parents, families, caregivers and staff.  You are always welcome at the centre at any time during the day to visit with your child.  You and your families are welcome to participate in the program.  You may also view your child at any time during their stay by using our secure web camera.



St Clair Location:

94 Vaughan Rd, York, ON M6C 2M1

(416) 654-1678